“Behold how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity” -Psalms 113:1

Recruit men both young and old to Jesus Christ and the Church Organization.


  • To adopt a pattern of Christian lifestyle that others want to emulate (both Inside and Outside the church)
  • To instill in the brothers their biblical duties in the church and home.
  • To achieve a better understanding of how the brotherhood fits into the work of The Church of the Living God International, Inc. organization.
  • To afford a chance for brothers to exchange ideas and views among themselves.
  • To conduct an annual brotherhood meeting.

Mission Statement:

The Brotherhood Department is organized to minister to other brothers young and old within the surrounding communities to draw them to Christ where there is leadership and guidance. Our goal is to be an example to other brothers and to teach them how to love one another, raise their children, respect women and themselves, communicate with others and most important how to better themselves in today’s society and become better men. We will strive for improvement and excellency in our brothers.

Brotherhood Meeting 12/10/2011

Scripture: Psalms 1 – Read by Brother Hughes

Old Business

  • IGBC will help with the family that the Brotherhood has chosen
  • Single Mother with 3 boys ages 6, 13, 17
  • Suggestion:
    • Brotherhood takes care of the food
    • IGBC takes care of toys and clothes
  • Trips for the youth to conventions (discussed with Reverend Fields)
  • Give donations to Sister Fields

New Business

  • Unity will supply 8 Christmas boxes; Food is due Sunday 12/18
  • Get digital recorder to record meetings which will then be transcribed
  • Finley Temple Prayer Breakfast
  • January 21, 2012
  • Brother Crawford will send content of flyer to Bro Fullilove who will create the flyer
  • Big Brother Program – Brother Tillman
    • Need Roster – Brother Sivels
    • Notify Parents
    • Develop criteria – Brother Tillman by February 11, 2012
  • February is Black History Month
  • Typically the first Sunday in February the men provide input on Black History
  • Church Renovations - Brother Tillman
  • Further discussion needed with Reverend Fields and Deacon Collins.

Information for the Finley Temple Men's Prayer Breakfast is available here.